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IsSystemAssembly Property .. not working well ..


For some system assemblies this property is set to false
and for some non system assemblies is set to true ..
Is this a bug ?
In code : if PublicKeyToken for some assembly is in SystemPublicKeyTokens collection then assembly is marked as System ..
I think this is wrong assumption .
Because, for example; Microsoft has signed; both, system and non system assemblies { CAB assemblies } with same PublicKeyToken .
Nenad ..


yallie wrote Feb 16, 2010 at 6:00 PM

Yes, this is just a sketch, a quick way to figure out whether the assembly is a part of .NET framework.
Some Fx assemblies, however, are signed with some non-standard keys,
and, as you mentioned, not every Microsoft-signed assembly is a part of .NET framework.
I'll fix this in the upcoming release. Thanks for the report!

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